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We want to raise £4000 for the Saharawi people by supporting the UK charity Sandblast who will be using the money to fund mobile sound recording studios to enable the Saharawi people to raise money and awareness through the creative arts with the longer term goal of making the camps themselves recognised as cultural hubs.

John and Myself running Tough Guy - Nettle Warrior. The Sahara Marathon will be much tougher than this.
John (left) and myself running "Nettle Warrior" - a 12 mile assault course

To get there and take part costs £1000 which we have to pay up front, only some of which goes to help the Saharawi people directly. On top of that we need to meet our £4000 target so that Sandblast can achieve their goal of creating these mobile studios.

Quite simply : we need your cash.

Lots of cash. Money, Donations, Sponsorship, Equipment and Promotion. You name it - we need it

The easiest way to help is to donate directly to myself or John or you can use my JustGiving page


We also need your promotion, your equipment and your advice if we are to make the trip a success for our own goals and more importantly : the Saharawi families who have to live in these camps.

Anything you do to help will be appreciated and recognised here on the blog, our social media presences, custom race wear and our permission and participation in any photo or other promotional activities. 

We are also talking to various news and magazine publishers to get our event and story told, so any support we receive from commercial sponsors could feature in our content for those as well.

Email me to discuss how you can help us and how we can help you: or you can call me on +44 7725 236254

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