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Many thanks to the following amazing sponsors and supporters:

Leading the barefoot revolution, VIVOBAREFOOT, the original barefoot shoe, was first introduced in 2003. With innovation at the core of our brand, we've expanded to offer the largest range of barefoot shoes on the market; from performance to work to kid's shoes, and continue to grow season over season  We believe that nature equipped you with everything you need to move naturally, however, protection is needed from the harsh climates and terrains of today's world. Therefore, the perfect shoe allows the foot to behave as if bare, while providing the maximum protection from the environment.

While their shoes are excellent, it is their passion for our feet and the following that I chose them as sponsors and why I'm so keen to run the marathon in a pair of their shoes:

At VIVOBAREFOOT we believe that running is a skill and the foundation of this skill is proprioception. VIVOBAREFOOT has the most proprioceptive soles in the world. It is not, however, only about the shoes; technique is everything. We continue to work closely with biomechanics expert and leading barefoot running coach, Lee Saxby, to implement the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic and Coaching Program. Both are grounded in our educational platform that aims to teach people the art of natural, injury-free barefoot movement either as a client or a coach.

How are they sponsoring me?

Vivo are providing me with the head-wear to stop me getting sun stroke... No of course they're giving me their trail running "Breatho Trail" shoes for training and for the marathon itself. Also (and perhaps this is the more useful bit for you guys reading and donating), they've given me an exclusive 20% discount code to share with people who donate through my JustGiving page!

That alone has to be worth making a donation surely?

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